What We Do

Language and Learning Steps is based in Australia, and  combines expertise and experience in the areas of education and therapy.

Our primary focus is the link between language, learning and literacy. We design programs and resources, including apps, which has been a focus for 2013/2014. We also offer training for parents, professionals and organisations through our Language Literacy Learning company. Individually, we work with children and adolescents in one on one, and small group settings in schools and through our own Private Practices in Brisbane-Janet learningsteps@optusnet.com.au and Sue susanepark@optusnet.com.au


Who Uses Our Services?

We offer  training courses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We also offer Skype consultations and training.  Our training programs are attended by Speech Language Pathologists, teachers, teacher aides and parents. Our resources and programs are suitable for:

  • Children and adolescents with Speech, Language and related Learning difficulties
  • Children and adolescents with communication difficulties
  • Young children learning language,  and children learning English as a Second Language
  • Children and adolescents with reading  difficulties or disorders, difficulties with auditory processing and/or  phonological awareness
  • Children and adolescents experiencing difficulties with the processing of language-based and visual information, using memory, planning, organising and sequencing of ideas for oral and written expression