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    Programs and Resources
    We develop Educational and Therapy Programs and Resources for Children and Adolescents
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    Learning action words, made fun.
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    Key Word Kids Language App
    A Language Program in an App

Language and Learning Steps

KEY WORD KIDS 2-OUT AND ABOUT will be on the App Store September/October 2023.

KEY WORD KIDS was released in December 2013 and is available for ipad 2 and above. See our Blog Page for more information and links.
New action words app KEY VERBS WITH STEFFY AND JAMES was released February 2015 (ipad and iphone)and has had a great response. Thank you for all the great comments! Join Steffy and James and their friends from the internationally popular Key Word Kids program app as they teach action verbs – present command and description, followed by past tense regular and irregular verbs with pronouns.

Both Key Word Kids and Key Verbs with Steffy and James will be translated into other languages.

Derbyshire Language Scheme training through our training company Language Literacy Learning will be held over 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) on 16th and 17th September 2023-ONLINE (max numbers apply). Please contact for information, costs and registration form: learningsteps@optusnet.com.au

About Us

Programs and Resources

Our Programs and Resources use an inter disciplinary (Speech Language and Educational) approach to develop skills needed for learning. This language learning approach focuses on breaking down skills, and scaffolding learning in steps so that children and adolescents achieve success.

Training and Private Practices

Training courses are run through our Language Literacy Learning company using an interdisciplinary (Speech Language and Educational) approach. These courses are attended by Speech Language Pathologists, Teachers, Teacher Aides and Parents.
We also see children and adolescents for direct therapy through our private practices.
Speech Pathology-Contact Sue -Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Language and Learning Educational Therapy Consultancy) susanepark@optusnet.com.au
Educational or Counselling/Play Therapy-Contact Janet-Learning Support teacher/Montessori Early Chilhood Teacher/Guidance Counsellor and Registered, Certified and Accredited Play Therapist (Learning Steps Educational Therapy Consultancy) learningsteps@optusnet.com.au

Key Word Kids for ipad See it Now!

Key Verbs with Steffy and James just released and available for ipad and iphone in the app store.