Key Word Kids 2: Out & About

Key Word Kids 2: Out & About Trailer
Key Word Kids 2: Out & About is the second Key Word Kids Educational & Therapy language app, designed by Language and Learning Steps Founders Speech Pathologist, Sue Park and Special Educator/ Guidance Counsellor and Play Therapist, Janet Eales. This too is language program in an app, focussing on children’s language development ie comprehension (understanding) and expression (expressive utterances) through key words. This second app has a greater focus on increasing vocabulary skills in conjunction with developing an understanding of more complex instructions and descriptions. Join Key Word Kids Steffy and James and their family and friends as they go out and about, visiting places to expand their vocabulary through transport, dinosaurs, shopping, classroom and outer space themes. Sentences in each theme are carefully graded from single words to 4 and 5 key words and complex sentences.

5 Fun mini-games are available as short reward breaks. There is also an Expressive Mode option with recording for utterances when practising vocabulary.

The program provides an option for a quick level check to help inform parents, carers, teachers and therapists about a possible starting Key Word level.

The app suits younger typically developing children and those learning English as a second language but is specifically designed for those with communication delays and disorders, such as a Developmental Language Disorder, Autism, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Global Developmental Delay, and Auditory Processing difficulties. The app has no ‘in-app’ purchases and cost of the app equates roughly to one -two therapy sessions for a child. It can be used by speech pathologists and other therapists in sessions for a variety of goals or just enjoyed by children and parents/ carers to develop language skills.